But In The End

Whenever I hear the quote “All good things come to an end” I think it is bullshit.
But in the end it was true.
The entire time we were together, I thought nothing could tear us apart.
But in the end it was you.
All the things I wanted to say, I didn’t think I could change your mind.
But in the end it was true.
You told me the last person who broke my heart was stupid.
But in the end it was you.

Take me with you

It’s been a week. I keep telling myself to move on but it’s not working. How could we have been so close but so far away? The thought of you with someone else is unbearable. It feels as if I miss you more as each day goes by. It was my fault. If I tried a little bit harder, You would still be mine. I keep thinking it will be the same as last time. You will send me a message behind false hope and I will accept it in a heart beat. Before you move on, Take me with you.

Just a thought.

I’m starting to give up. I took you back after a lot of thought. You told me that you loved me and couldn’t bear the thought to leave me. Now it seems to be your only intention. It hurts. Letting you back in just to be shut out. But you don’t see that. I told you and I can’t keep pushing if you’re not willing to do the same. Stop teasing me. Love me or hate me. There won’t be anything in between.

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